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Brookdale announces extended hours with flexibility to customize your child care needs from 8 AM-6 PM. Call 203 329 9945 for more information.

Nestled in North Stamford on a private, safe campus, Brookdale offers your child the chance to explore the world around them. Our curriculum strives to nurture young children’s natural curiosity to learn, supporting their independent growth and helping them explore in a safe group setting. With a large, age appropriate, fenced playground and a wooded campus, the children often explore the great outdoors, collecting items from nature to use in their play.


With a multicultural population of children, Brookdale’s curriculum is designed to introduce your child to other cultures, foods, languages and to help them see how these all work together to create their community.  We celebrate, embrace and encourage families to share their cultural traditions.


An Inter-disciplinary approach to learning by dedicated and experienced teachers incorporates:

 Pre-reading

 Math skills

 Problem solving

 Science skills


The wide variety of activities peaks the interest of each age level and personality.


Creativity and self-expression help build confidence in oneself promoting independence. Brookdale fosters these critical early learning skills through:

 Free play

 Dramatic play

 Art

 Music

 Cooking

 Computer skills

 Dance

 Show and tell. 


In addition to the classrooms, Brookdale's unique "Big Room" provides children the chance to experience large motor skills rain or shine! One of the only area schools to offer such a comprehensive indoor activity space, perfect for our long New England winters.




Brookdale's Two Year Old Room is a warm and welcoming introduction to nursery school. 






Meet Our Staff

Brookdale's teachers engage as a team to create the best atmosphere possible to create an exciting and positive learning experience. Their unique talents enhance your child's preschool years.   

Our team


June DeAndressi and Sue Battinelli welcome the Two Year Olds to their first nursery school experience. They have many years of working with young children and create a nurturing and loving atmosphere that enables each child to grow. 


Sally Evaristo introduces the Three Year Olds to a world of learning and exploration as they discover independent thinking. Throughout the years she has found ways to make each child feel special in a very caring environment.


Tara Farrell has taught the Prekindergarten Class for many years, preparing each child socially and academically. She gives each child the confidence to succeed both individually and in a group. 

The "Big Room" encourages exploration and interaction in a fun and exciting environment on your child's preschool level.




 Useful Facts

A restful 12 hour night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast is one of the best ways to get your child off to a good start in the morning. A calm beginning to the morning routine also helps to set the pace for the day. Not waiting until the last moment to pick an outfit or decide what to eat is not always possible but a little forethought can make all the difference for both you and your child.


When you arrive at school, reach a happy medium between running out too fast and lingering too long. Get you child settled by visiting the bathroom, washing hands to avoid spreading germs, signing in at the classroom and then picking something in the room to engage you child in an activity with other children. You can then feel more assured when you leave.


Please be aware of any changes in your child. This can indicate that they may be getting sick. We request that you err on the side of caution and keep them home.


Try to avoid picking up your child with a phone in your hand. That moment is special and lets your child feel that their day was important to you. A hug and a question about their very important project go a long way! Make a comment about the effort that was put into their work and give it a special place in their world at home.

Alert the teachers to any change in routine at home. Grandma and Grandpa visiting or leaving, the dog running away or a sick sibling can all have an effect!


As the weather gets cooler, be sure to dress your child appropriately! If your child wears boots to school, please help them change into shoes or sneakers when you arrive at school.