It's All About Your Child...

Established in 1974, Brookdale Nursery School serves as an ideal medium for a child's emotional transition from home to the outside world. Brookdale serves a very diverse population and believes that each child is a unique and very special person that can and should be educated to the extent that they are able and willing to learn, while enthusiasm and interest are keenest. 


Our program of activities is designed to encourage an attitude of learning while the satisfaction of achievement is experienced. Each child is an active participant and grows holistically in all phases of development -physically, socially and mentally-toward the goal of becoming adjusted, productive and responsible. 


Whatever their needs, a child can only benefit from a good nursery school experience. Under the guidance of patient, concerned and sympathetic teachers, he/she will learn to adjust to others. Observing somewhat formal and structured classroom atmospheres, the children are encouraged to develop an extended attention span, listening skills, cooperation and participation. These are essential to reading readiness. During play periods, children gradually comprehend what sharing means. Taking turns on the slide or vehicles is a way of life. In this manner, respect for the individual is emphasized. In all situations, self-control becomes important for maturity, thus developing physical maturation. Children are encouraged to care for themselves to achieve a sense of responsibility and self-reliance for their physical welfare. The learning process is a continuous one. Information is collected constantly through all the senses and registered in the brain. Therefore, the environment a child is in is of utmost importance in determining their growth and development. 


The Brookdale Nursery School environment provides a constructive force, serving as an aid to concerned parents in their important task of rearing their children. 


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