Meet Our Staff

The Director and Teachers at Brookdale work together as a team to form an environment that is conducive to the enjoyment of learning. They are dedicated to developing each child's unique personality and abilities. Their connection with each other and the parents give Brookdale an added sense of community.




Karen Cardilli is the Owner and Director of Brookdale Nursery School since 1996. She holds a Master's Degree in Education and has been involved in education on many levels for over 40 years. Her experience includes classroom teaching, running a reading lab and media center and, just prior to purchasing Brookdale, teaching computer education to young children. In the course of a day, as a hands-on Director, Karen can be seen visiting the classrooms to help the teachers with any of the wide array of activities.  Like everyone else, her favorite room is the Big Room where she gets involved with all the forms of play or stands back and observes all the excitement that takes place when the children interact with each other and their teachers to build a house out of blocks, perform a puppet show, cook breakfast in the kitchen, form a track for the trains or create a snowman out of playdough.     


Two Year Old Program


June DeAndressi

 has been teaching at Brookdale for nine years and brings her experiences teaching the Three and Prekindergarten Classes to the Two Year Old Class. June has a very patient and calming demeanor and a wonderful way with all the children at Brookdale. Her great organizational skills make her an asset in any class setting. 


Sue returns for her second year as a Two Year Old Teacher. She has proven to be a valuable asset, with her many years of involvement with children on all levels. Having previously worked as a preschool teacher, Sue brings her very nurturing and patient ways to each and every child that she comes in contact with.


Three Year Old Program


Sally Evaristo, with over 17 years of experience with young children at Brookdale, intuitively knows how to maximize a teaching moment whether spontaneous or planned. Using her imagination, she is able to hold the attention of any group by spinning a tale around any character or subject. Her very nurturing ways make her a favorite with both parents and children.


Prekindergarten Program


Tara Farrell and Karen Cardilli, in the Prekindergarten Program, prepare their class, one child at a time, for Kindergarten. They too have had experience with another age group, the three year olds, enabling them to understand the prior experiences that their children bring with them.

Tara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and has over fifteen years of Early Childhood teaching experience.  She especially enjoys involving the children in Science and Math enrichment activities and observing their enjoyment and amazement.  



Together, the Brookdale Staff strives to make these formative years a positive and memorable experience for you and your child.


All Staff Members are CPR, First Aid, Epipen and Medication Administration trained. The Certifications are renewed annually.


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